Space Elevator vs. Andrew Sisters

A few days ago I declared my fascination with space elevators.

Finally, to take a quick jab at US copyright law. The 19th century song Happy Birthday won’t fall into the public domain until the year 2030. (Until then Time-Warner  holds the rights).  Because pre-1972 music  is governed by state contract  laws and not copyright, it’s unlikely that music of Louis Armstrong or early jazz will revert into the public domain before the year 2067 (In Europe, this is not the case; Frank Sinatra and some Elvis songs  are already in the public domain there). In other words, I’ll probably be able to travel in a space elevator sooner than I can legally put an mp3 of a 1936  Andrews sisters song on my website. Think about that.






One response to “Space Elevator vs. Andrew Sisters”

  1. Brian Avatar

    We don’t get to the future in a smooth fasion but in bits and pieces.

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