Should we Pity Ann Coulter? Should we invite her on national TV?

John Edwards’ wife criticizes Ann Coulter. Even though Edwards made her point politely and Chris Matthews was appropriately critical, I blame MSNBC for even putting her on the air. Wow, it looks like Media Matters feels the same way. Gosh, remember that Time Magazine put Coulter on the front page. It’s just hard resisting the charm of a vituperative blond!

For fun you might take the quiz: Who Said it– Coulter or Hitler?

Here’s a statement condemning Elizabeth Edward’s attack by Brent Bozell of a “conservative media watchdog” group (I feel compelled to include it in quotations because it really can’t be taken at face value). This says more about conservative’s view about media than anything else.

Wow, a digg remark about the controversy blew me away:

On another commentary a fellow suggested that Ann Coulter has some type of disorder and that it is appropriate to feel sorry for her, or to have empathy. Other people said she was cynical and out for the coin. If she has a disorder, it is Borderline Personality Disorder, also called BPD. There is where a person bullies you and then blames you while they’re doing it. BPD is complex and absolutely no fun. BPD individuals are highly resistant to treatment. Drugs do not cure it, and they tend to be paranoid and avoid counseling. Also, there is something inside the BPD person that seemingly resets the clock and they do the behavior again and again. It is absolute hell to have a BPD in the family. This is fairly new information, but it answers the question of “What the hell, what are they like that?” when a person is consistently bullying and irrational and a week and a year later is doing the same behavior. personally I think BPD has a bio-chemical nature to it, which is why it is almost impossible to treat. It is not just from being beaten as a child, or other experience.

In a thread about what is wrong with Ann Coulter, Sara B. attempts a diagnosis. She says Histrionic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder. (Here’s the wikipedia entry on BPD). One shouldn’t make assessments on the basis of words or media appearances, but signs do point to yes.

It raises a deeper question about whether personal writings provide insight into psychological health. Actually, there are times –thankfully rare–which almost every person –even me!– might appear mentally unbalanced. But  to actively seek these public forums as a way to validate one’s identity is another matter.

This hostility-aggressiveness is a persona  Coulter must find reassuring and ego-boosting.  She must enjoy the adrenalin rush. Could this be some attempt to compensate for some childhood trauma by wearing  a mask of invulnerability?  She seems to enjoy taunting certain figures and positions which (at initial glance ) seems beyond reproach.  In the TV clip above, she keeps her cool and in fact manages to toss off several incendiary lobs back at  the interviewer. Sure, she lost in terms of logic, but she managed to stay tough and invulnerable. (At times like this, I really wish I had gotten a master’s in counseling).

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  1. Bobby T Avatar
    Bobby T

    Just like the character from Silas Marner, Ann Coulter, the one who “had an IDiot Child” which is why this Ann Coulter has NEVER married, Never had children and had tubes tied at 22 years old. Why did her parents choose the name of this character from this book published in 1898 ? ?

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