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O’Reilly gets trounced…again and again

Wow, here’s a new spectator sport: watching Bill O’Reilly get trounced in yelling fights. Here’s him against Chris Dodd (btw, Chris Dodd is my pick for president; he’s also a Peace Corps volunteer). See also Bill Oreilly vs. Donahue and Bill Oreilly vs. Geraldo Rivera. (Actually, these three video clips are time wasters). Gosh, you have to feel sorry for Bill O’Reilly. I think for these shows Bill Oreilly is just cashing his paycheck and plays the town fool only because he can get away with it. (Hey, Bill, I get that feeling about my blog sometimes). When you rabblerouse 5 days a week for an hour a day, at some point you have to calm down.

I’ve made the point before that talk show hosts like Limbaugh and O’Reilly just don’t have time to stay current on the issues they cover. Even if they had reasonable points of view, it would be impossible for them to examine new evidence and consider new arguments.If I ran a political commentary show for 30 or 60 minutes each weekday, I’d probably come off sounding strident as well.

A surreal exchange between Colbert and O’Reilly. Unlike the previous clips, this one was actually well done.

Here’s a chart of the candidate positions on political issues. Don’t you love how the Internet makes it easy to keep track of things like this?

I awoke in the middle of the night with an urgent need for Diet Coke. Every morning I have my Diet Coke (or Diet Dr. Pepper, if I am feeling radical). Some days I forget, which puts me in a panic. I have to throw something in the freezer and wait it out. So far, I’ve waited about 10 minutes. I need to wait 10 minutes more. Heaven help me!

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