Why Comedy Central website Sucks

You may be aware that Viacom/Comedy Central removed their user-uploaded clips of Jon Stewart from youtube. Instead they host the show themselves. Here’s what this means:

  • more comedy central commercials (well, that’s not a surprise)
  • harder unmanageable URLs
  •  the only way you can watch is by starting up a crappy pop up window
  • wrong video problems. I have spent the last 15 minutes trying to start a single video (the interview with Bill Crystal) and still have not gotten it to work. First, it played the wrong video, then it played another wrong video, then it played two more commercials.
  • Latency problems. It’s taking a lot longer to load a comedy central clip than the typical Youtube clip.  (Hey, akamai is hosting their videos; what’s the problem?)

I understand why Comedy Central wants to keep users on its own site rather than youtube. But their akamai-backed site is so awful that it could end up hurting numbers for the shows themselves. But if you can’t make a decent video hosting site, why not pay someone to do it for you?






16 responses to “Why Comedy Central website Sucks”

  1. Randy Avatar

    The ComedyCentral site is the worst of any network site I have been to. I wanted to see some of the roasts they have done. For every minute of content, I had to watch a minute of their commercials. I will NEVER visit their site again and am now having an adverse response to their sponors. It is just teh worst marketing I have ever seen. I would think that they market to a younger, hip demographic. Sure wouldn’t know it from seeing their web site. I will not be giving them a second chance. Losers.

  2. gareth Avatar

    I truly hate comedy central now – it’s like they actually set out to make a bad video hosting site. My gran could code a better setup.

    I tried to watch the Garrett Reisman – nasa interview but it never made it past 3 mins on a 9 min vid. every time, It would stop at random somewhere between the start and 2-3 mins and start over. I even muted it and left it to “buffer” for an hour and a half whilst I did other stuff – no luck.

  3. Bid D Avatar
    Bid D

    Comedy Central’s website IS THE WORST!!!!!! I was trying to watch a two minute video clip and finaly gave up because the site is so slow and has video and audio promos all playing at the same time while i’m trying to view the clip. The only way to stop the other promos from playing is to close the browser. Whats the point. This was the first time i had been on the site in over a year and now i remember why i don’t go to comedycentral.com
    You would think that they could make it a little more user friendly but, Viacom is run by a bunch of dumb asses!!!

  4. Sow Annoyed Avatar
    Sow Annoyed

    That’s cuz comedy central is run by a bunch of cheap Jews who would rather profit from commercials and not have to pay the comedian/actors/writers/anyone getting royalties.

  5. Louis Knotts Avatar
    Louis Knotts

    Seriously. It’s a broken, feeble, lame piece of trash website. The last three times I visited it I could not get ANY videos to play…only commercials. What a waste of time.

  6. vladsinger Avatar

    Oddly enough, the full episodes tend to play much better than the clips. Still very aggravating.

  7. j melanson Avatar
    j melanson

    Comedy Central sucks shit

  8. AMDFAN Avatar

    Well I never seem to see any commercials though this might be an old topic but the player they use is the biggest piece of shit there could possibly be! Choppy as fuck and why is it if I lower the screen off the video below it the sound is great but as soon as I lift it back to the video screen its back to being choppy video AND audio?? and WTF is with the skipping ahead tword the end?? Some times it just does it in the middle and THEN you can’t go back and fix it usually, When you can fix it you try to go back and it goes back way farther then it should or goes ahead! It’s not the only station site Ive seen use this player, Speed does as well and both are just terrible. Don’t they even check their own site playback to see how it works themselves before forcing it on those that want to watch the programing?? If they where my stations I’d go off on the idiots that decided to use the piece of shit video players. If these assholes want to bitch about people posting their shows on their better playuers maybe they should consider getting players on their sites worth watching them selves.

    Hulu is shit but even they can play Jon Stewart to playback that you can stand to watch, CC ruins Mind of Mencia with this player and it’s the only site I can find it on. CC’s web site just makes an unfunny joke out of every hilarious show on the station. Speed makes it hard with this same player to understand whats being said when they are showing you hos to do it yourself on the hot rods and destroy’s good the fun of watching it.

    It’s just plain BAD!

    It’s so bad I wont even bother to take the time to make an account to tell them how bad it really is, I’m sue they wont allow my comments posted anyway seemings no one else seems to be up there ether.

    SUCK A NTT COMEDY CENTRAL! Every single player (even the worst ones) play better on any machine then the shit sucker you use, maybe you should get the point across and get a better player.

  9. K Wilson Avatar
    K Wilson

    Terrible website; my entire family stopped watching and we love the show. Someone just sent me a link and when I went to see the list of videos it just started playing one and I had to listen to 2 min of commercials before getting the feed. Quality is also sub standard and the insistence on playing the same commercial over and over throughout the half hour makes me want to not buy the product.

    This fails to sell their products and fails to make anyone want to go to the site. Why did they bother??

  10. Zig Avatar

    Unbelievable! 6 years later it is not yet fixed, its impossible to watch many shows there.. I can not beleieve my eyes – I googled “comedy central slow why”, because I couldnt take it any more.. so goog content, why to ruin it so badly??

  11. Shaolin Avatar

    Unbelievable. I can’t believe how shitty this stupid site STILL IS. They have those requests for surveys, you know? About 1 out of 5 times I go on, they pop up and ask me how the site was. And every time I tell them about how the goddamn site can’t buffer for shit (IT DOES NOTHING) and the goddamn player KEEPS JUMPING AROUND. This really is the worst goddamn fucking video site of all time. Jesus Christ.

  12. Allan Avatar

    Yup! It sucks. Badly.

  13. Beast Sssotlohiefmjn Avatar
    Beast Sssotlohiefmjn

    I agree, Comedy Central is not funny. Its attack against the President, Mr Trump and that attack against normal people versus the fallen and wicked by the means of presenting a false justification of them is daily.
    Bad people with a lot of money and no values are the producers of this trash and our answer to them should be simple, kick their asses.

  14. F CC Avatar
    F CC

    It’s June 2018 and I can’t believe how awful their site is. I was trying to get the videos to play for my girlfriend, and she said that’s why she uses the Android app.

    It’s absolutely disgusting that a company this big could have a site this bad.

  15. Figaro Avatar

    Can’t get through a 3 minute video without buffering and buffering never seems to help. Then the audio and the video don’t sync up. Terrible.

  16. James Avatar

    it is now March 28 2021 and the site will not play any daily show video afte rtheir long 5 minute air pod ad. I went ahead and sent an e-mail to them and they should reply. Otherwise, avoid the website as it will be a waste of your 15 minutes trying to figure out the site has nothing to offer but cute images.

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