Yu Gi Oh for children? (A parents’ guide)

A shout out to the blogosphere: does anyone have children who play Yu Gi Oh?

If yes, do you have advice about how to get started? i have a 7 year old nephew who I’m thinking of buying some cards for. Here’s a parents’ guide. Here are rules about basic gameplay.

James Paul Gee has written about this game before and spoken about it too.







2 responses to “Yu Gi Oh for children? (A parents’ guide)”

  1. Angela Avatar

    My kids are a little older now.. but Pogs were the huge hype back then. Can only imagine!!
    i love your blog, just found it through google.
    mind checking out mine? it’s new :]



  2. Baby Avatar

    Yay! We love Yu Gi Oh! Getting started is easy, just buy more cards and more cards and that’s the theme really… There is lots of educational value in it for young kids surprisingly. But beware of the counterfeit cards, I have been caught out a couple of times…

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