Amazing gmail video

Wow, here’s an amazing musical video for gmail featuring user-created content.

I use for my imap email, but I currently use yahoo mail for bills and things. I have a gmail account, but only use it for google features. That said, I am uncomfortable with supporting yahoo because it turned over email addresses of Chinese dissidents.

On the other hand, yahoo uses Address Guard, a method of letting you create alias emails on the fly which you can shut down or close off because of spam. Yes, I know gmail has great spam-fighting tools and filtering tools, and yes, I know about the trick of adding periods to your name to create separate identities (is that a kludge or what?)

One other thing that really annoys me about Yahoo mail is that it seems to require that I login every 30 minutes! Interestingly, this happens more often on Windows than on Linux.

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Update: Although I will pay for another year of yahoo service, I will gradually migrate my email to gmail. That will give me a year to handle my aliases and come up with a safe way to archive my sent and received email.






2 responses to “Amazing gmail video”

  1. Gary Denton Avatar

    Someone who pays for Yahoo????

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    I pay for AddressGuard.

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