Health Care Fallacies & Tom Tomorrow Complains

Tom Tomorrow on health care fallacies

Here’s 16 years of  This Modern World cartoons on the health care industry.  He comments, Read at your own risk; it’s particularly depressing to see how relevant sixteen-year-old cartoons on the topic remain.”

Tomorrow’s cartoon will be about S-Chip (I can’t wait).  Here’s his thoughts about reality outpacing his satirical imagination:

I’m working on a cartoon on the whole thing for next week, and here’s the weird part for me: what I’m really doing is reworking a cartoon I finished before I went on vacation, in which I used the idea of the Republican Hate Machine going after a child as one of those really wacky cartoon examples meant to parody their extremism. Except, in the intervening week, they actually did it. I’ve said this before, but these are difficult times for satirists; there’s almost nothing you can think of that’s more ridiculous or appalling than the things that are really happening.







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