Someday my princess will come

Amazingly, upon coming home this evening, I found a teeny tiny frog waiting for me at my door. I stood right near the door itself, as though anxiously waiting for me to open the door. I shooed it aside happily. Frogs always cheer me up. When there are lots of frogs around, I feel more confidence in the ecosystem I am inhabiting.

I read that frogs can life up to 5 years. Frogs, like insects and birds, are such fragile creatures. Urban life is so destructive for them. I visited a park late at night a few months ago to see a meteor shower and was awestruck to hear the chorus of toads by the lake.

One characteristic of a happy life is the ability to be continually surprised. Like today.

Being a frog wouldn’t be so bad.

(See this article on frogs and biodiversity  by Tim Halliday)






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  1. Gary Denton Avatar

    I bet it was a toad. We have a lot of toads right now and I saw one had snuck into the kitchen. The next day another one was at the door. I am sure they are female toads but don’t want to know what it means.

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