seinfeld does the talk show circuit.

Wow, an amazing hour long interview with Jerry Seinfeld on Charlie Rose. (video should be online in a day or so). Good insights about the TV show, the nature of comedy, etc.

I’m sure Charlie Rose has other good guests. Gunter Grass, John Updike, E.L. Doctorow. Listening to the entertaining sci fi Asimov classic Nightfall on escapepod. Great reading by Stephen Ely too. I’m falling behind on listening to podcasts because I’ve spent the last 9 months listening to Wired for books interviews. I plan to do a blogpost about it on teleread when I have time to catch my breath. (Basically there are a ton of interviews, about 50% are average, 25% stink, 15% are extraordinary interviews with great writers and 10% are not-so-famous writers who nonetheless gave great interviews.

My god, if I see Valerie Plame on another interview show, I’m going to vomit! (She is a hottie though). I don’t want to knock PBS, but they are unimaginative about book guests they invite (the only exception perhaps is Bill Moyers).

I’ve been some doing audio recording recently and am astonished at how hard it is; you can just talk, and then you will have natural inflections, but everything will seem rough and hurried. You can sound ok on an interview or something improvised, but you want to rewind or edit out things or repeat things more than once. Or you can really concentrate on delivery and a script that is set in stone. You can polish it more, but your voice starts to sound unnatural; it fatigues easily, and you tend to overpronounce words.

Everything is ashamed of their own speaking voice, but while listening to my own, I see that there are things about my voice which I can change and things about my voice which I can’t. I’m finding that the things I can change are actually harder to change than one might think. I recently saw a professional actress do a reading; she blew me away with her perfect cadences and breathing. A certain part of it is god-given talent, but I also see how much work is involved in making it look effortless.







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