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Facelift for Jamendo!

I’m intrigued by the new facelift for Jamendo. Jamendo is an amazing creative commons music sharing site, but over time I noticed annoying things about search, the player window and other small things. Unfortunately, a few months ago, jamendo totally erased my online playlists I had diligently composed. I was angry, but how long can you stay angry at such a great site?  It certainly looks better, but is it more usable?  Already, I noticed that they dropped the feature of notifying you when favorite artists have released a new album. (That really sucks!). 

I plan on making donations to my favorite musicians in a few weeks. (Stay tuned!). Also, I’ve been trying to post music reviews about jamendo artists every week or every two weeks.  I do it on my weblog Share the Music . You’re certainly welcome to bookmark/add it to your RSS, but keep in mind I put my review headlines on the right sidebar for both my teleread posts and Share the Music posts. God, you gotta love RSS!

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  • lkratz 12/8/2007, 6:15 am

    Hi !

    The bug on the playlists was specific of the previous player. It is fixed in the new version …

    The new version will fix more problems, all the features will come back again, and new ones will arise !


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