Drupal 6 Release

I’ve been following Drupal as a CMS for quite some time and have been busy planning my next site launch. Basically it will enhance and expand teleread. Today Drupal 6 is released . Here’s two screencasts about how to make it work and a list of modules that support version 6.  Two modules I’m following closely are e-journal and XML Content neither of which seem to be ported to version 6 yet. There is debate about whether you should try a major version bump right off the gates; module support lags, and still there will be lots of unreported bugs. That said, major versions often incorporate the most successful modules used along with earlier versions of Drupal.  That said, I’ve loved wordpress and it will be hard escaping its ease of use. WordPress just gets easier and better.  Even though I’m marching toward a heavy duty CMS, I still intend to use wordpress for single project CMS — such as a book promotion. I’m even contemplating using it for running a journal.

This may be an obvious point to serious web developers, but I recently tried running apache + php + mysql on windows as a way to do website testing. I’ve been using XAMPP which was fairly easy to use.

In other news, I’ve migrated this weblog to another webserver with better performance.






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  1. bilvanis Avatar

    i think for google optimation wp is better. but drupal is more useful

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