Anti-Smoking Goes Disney

Magical Amount by Sunny Side of the Truth.

I’ve blogged about this Public Service Announcement  video production group before. Here’s some older videos.

The most interesting thing about these PSAs is that they never appear in time slots I watch–so essentially I never hear about them except  through youtube. I have no  doubt that they are strategically scheduled to maximize impact (Nickolodean, MTV, Disney, etc). But it’s another example of how even the most attentive cultural watchers miss so much outside of their intended demographic.

To illustrate my point: if you don’t know what webkinz and Heely’s  are, chances are you don’t have a child under 10. If you know these terms, chances are you are absolutely sick of  hearing about them.

Have you ever heard someone rave about a particular car and you just don’t care about these things? I have never cared about cars (although I enjoy listening to Car Talk once in a while). I am mildly interested in energy-efficient cars, but I am always hearing about cars through sisters, friends, parents, colleagues, etc. Perhaps it has to do with affluence, but whenever car commercials come on TV, I never even notice them. My only hope is that it has semi-decent background music (if I don’t have time to put it on mute). A striking difference between US and (East) European TV is that US television was all about car commercials and European TV was all about consumer products. I wonder: if any Europeans are reading this weblog, do the frequency of TV commercials in your region drive you as crazy as they do to us?  Commercials make it impossible to watch anything on the major networks these days.  Even for people who have satellite or cable, TV watching is still unwatchable.

In case this is not clear: these anti-smoking campaigns serve a vital purpose. It is not mere entertainment. The consequences of experimenting with cigarettes are far-reaching.




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  1. Stop Smoking Laser Avatar

    Kids need to have anti-smoking campaigns because you know that tobacco companies will do anything they can to get them to smoke, so we have to do everything we can to make them not smoke.

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