Update: Going to SXSW March 8-11

I’ll be heading to SXSW in Austin. I’ll be there between Saturday morning and Tuesday night. I’ll be staying part of Wednesday in Austin, then leaving for San Antonio on March 11. I really don’t plan to do a lot of blogging during that time, although I will encounter a lot of blogworthy topics, so who knows.

Here is my SXSW calender and my SXSW Twitter page . I was hoping to tell a story at Fray Cafe on Sunday. Unfortunately most of my stories are not within the 5-8 minute time frame, so I’m not sure what I can pull up. Shit, it takes me 5-8 minutes just to say my name. Here is the general SXSWi panel schedule.

There’s a possibility that I will stop by Barcamp Austin 3 (probably not) and participate in an XO Meetup with Anne Gentle




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