Moralistic Comments

I always enjoy reading blog comments, but this one  threw me:

This is first time in my life when I don’t know what to say. After reading all comments I’m shocked. What has happened with our society, with our young generation? They are commenting terrible information, their lexis sounds terrible. Is that true, that only words they know is “cool”, “cute” and cussing words? What are they thinking of? It’s better not to think about it, it’s too sad.

Here is the blog post which provoked this outburst.






2 responses to “Moralistic Comments”

  1. Frank Carver Avatar

    You are aware, of course that it is a programmatically generated spam comment, there just to hang a porn URL on?

    Spammers are certainly getting more spohisticated, but the link URL and the generic nature of the text is almost always a giveaway.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Oh, yes, I know (and I disabled the URL when I approved it).

    People who don’t read blogs have no idea how much spam akismet has to kill.

    I don’t mind generic spam-comments, but moralizing ones is more than I can handle!

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