Houston Public Library book sale

As much as I am into ebooks, that doesn’t keep me from attending the annual Houston Public library booksale (which starts tomorrow morning). In 1997 I bought several hundred dollars of books for my university in Vlore, Albania at the booksale. Great books. Unfortunately, my PDA is temporarily out of commision, so I cannot bring my book collection as a spreadsheet to make sure I don’t already own a certain book. Actually, though, I have an excellent memory for all kinds of books.

Saturday night update: I bought a LOT of books! To see, look at my librarything collection. Choose Style C (that’s a button on top), and click on the column marked Entry Date to view the most recent additions.






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  1. Sarah Elkins Avatar

    Yay LibraryThing.

    But what about the crazy raspberry ants? All I know is what I read in the papers! (which my sister sent me, links, anyway)

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