Totally Random Cory (and Danah)

While googling for something else, I came across a great disclaimer SIG written by Cory Doctorow (recorded on Danah Boyd’s weblog–here’s some Best Of here ). I don’t read either person anymore, a fact which is both shocking and inexcusable. (One reason for this is that their thoughts usually are captured by another blogger’s flyswatter). I regularly follow a blogger religiously for months (or years), and then some catastrophic event occurs–my computer crashes, or I lose my bookmarks and have to start all over again. Yes, there’s RSS feeds, netvibes, etc. But it’s interesting how rarely I check these things (except through my offline RSS reader on my pda while waiting in line at the supermarket).

At the moment after my new OS install, I have no bookmarks on my toolbar. I am ready for a new blogger to wow me! 






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