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Computer Annoyances

I frequently download jpgs of public domain paintings for my web projects. It is astonishing how rarely jpegs of paintings are given meaningful labels. I would expect names like mona_lisa_da_vinci_1506.jpg  Instead they have names like n34343.jpg  or picture.asp.jpg or annoying things like that. Why is it so difficult to input or view metadata for images?

I need to delete a test drupal install I made. For some reason it didn’t save my password, and because my SMTP wasn’t set up, I couldn’t mail myself a new password reminder. Suggestion: The install wizard for every CMS should force you to do a test SMTP message to yourself before finishing?

About that test drupal: the only way I can recover is to delete the previous files I installed. But I copied them into a live directory, where some of the files are actually web pages unrelated to drupal. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a linux command to undo a previous command?

Why can’t Windows record the specific model of the motherboard you are using?

Windows provides an auto-shutdown option; usually I have this enabled. But there should always be a way to indefinitely override this auto-shutdown. Frankly, most of the time rebooting is not a priority. I recently received a reminder to update my Adobe Reader software, which I did. After that was done, it said it requires a restart, would you like to restart now?

Antivirus/antispyware software is always a pain in the neck. So is anything that offers to install a toolbar. If you really want to give us something to install, make it a firefox toolbar, which I can disable whenever I want.

I’ll think of more. 

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  • IT management services 8/12/2008, 12:55 pm

    Haha I really like your point about the name of image files. I hate it when people don’t name their images apropriately.

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