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"Cut his nuts off" wins Jesse Jackson extra google juice, NYT and Jay Leno

Jesse Jackson has remained a pretty marginal figure (even though he is an honorable and honest man).

Wow, yesterday he learned an important lesson: to get coverage by the major media, all he has to do is to accidentally mutter an off color phrase in a semi-public forum.

The American public loves a laughingstock they can taunt. Jay Leno, etc. When my ebook comes out next month to massive media fanfare, I’ll be sure  to make numerous faux pas around anyone with a microphone. 

In other news, Glen Greenwald points out how MSM pundits frequently create a dichotomy between "left wing values" and the "American people."

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  • evo 7/26/2008, 7:26 pm

    My darling bloggers:

    I had my site long before jessie put his foot in his mouth. Well in honor of his crass remarks, I changed my front page.

    I have a nice picture of him (altered) but I still have my site normal also at http://cuthisnutsoff.com

    Stop by and cut some nuts off!

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