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Random beef about facebook

I am not particularly a fan of facebook, but I see its benefits to those who value privacy or don’t want to go to the trouble to make a website.

Like twitter, I enjoyed for a while the friends update. Kind of (there’s too much random other crap on the page). Now that I have a fair number of friends, I am beginning to divide my friends into two categories: those I really want to see updates about and those I don’t really care about except in special cases or times. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could specify only those updates you wish to know about?

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  • CFeibel 11/14/2008, 6:03 pm

    You can do that on facebook. Bring cursor over the the comment you want to see more or less of, and up will pop a little drop down icon. Scroll over that, and choose “more of” and “less of.” Voila!

  • Robert Nagle 11/20/2008, 3:26 pm

    Thanks, I’ll try that out.

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