Create your own Clippy messages

You may remember Clippy as an annoying interactive help tool in MS Office. Microsoft eventually removed it completely. Here’s a funny joke tool that allows you to bring it back…along with annoying and nonsensical messages. Such as:

  • It appears you are connected to the Internet.
  • I see that you have been using your mouse.
  • Your computer seems to be turned on.
  • It looks like your keyboard is working correctly.
  • Your productivity has been decreasing lately. I hope everything is ok.
  • Sometimes I just popup for no particular reason, like now.
  • I have detected a mouse move, this was normal.
  • Your posture seems to be degrading, please reposition yourself now.
  • Your Windows Desktop icons are still there.
  • Your monitor is operational.
  • Power to your computer is constant, to protect from data loss you should install a power strip.
  • I have detected your F1 key (help) to be working correctly.
  • If you ever need any help, just ask me.
  • Background processing has rated your typing speed to be below normal.
  • Your mouse is dirty. Please clean it to restore optimal performance.
  • Unable to follow your instructions.
  • It is time to play a game, lets play hide-and-seek.
  • Would you like me to go away?
  • I thought you should know that today is [date].
  • I noticed you have Internet Explorer installed on your system. You can use that to find things on the Internet.







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