Introducing: Booby Naked Stories

As I mentioned last week,  I will now start posting humorous personal stories on my blog semi-regularly. I  call them Booby Naked stories after a stupid nickname  kids in my class gave me when I was young. These are loosely based on facts, with some liberties taken here and there.

The stories will focus mainly on stories from childhood, although I’ve decided to include certain parts of my adult life (such as my Peace Corps experience) where amazing/hilarious things occurred.

These stories are meant to be performed or read aloud. They don’t really look good on the written page. Short sentences, lots of dialogue, perhaps with movements and hand gestures.

I am still learning the art of telling a good story, so each story should be regarded as a work-in-progress.  I don’t perform as often as I should, but often the performed story differs from the version that appears here. You’d be surprised at how often a sentence just doesn’t sound right when you say it aloud.  Actually I’m not sure how this process of posting stories on my blog will work out. Time will tell.

Over time I revise stories many times, so when a story first appears, it may suck. Later after several rounds of editing, it may actually be halfway-decent.

Here is my story list so far:







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  1. Sara Avatar

    I found your pdf of the Beyler report and posted it on
    I live in Austin-down the street from the burned out Governor
    ‘s mansion.

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