Is Oprah a threat to Humanity?

Weston Kosova and Pat Wingert talk about the problems with the medical gullibility of Oprah Winfrey on her show

In other news, Oprah has chosen a book by an African Jesuit priest named Uwen Akpan.  Here’s an interview by Grace Talusian and a short story Ex- Mas Feast (and an interview with New Yorker editor Cressida Leyshon).

This may not be apparent from my blog, but I attended a Jesuit high school in Houston (Strake Jesuit) and in fact recently attended a 25 year old reunion last weekend. I am enormously grateful for receiving that opportunity; I learned a lot about spirituality and independence of thought. Even though I am not as religious as I used to be,  I feel my writing has a lot of spiritual qualities. (Also, my Jesuit education exposed me to Flannery O’Connor at an early age, not to mention several others).

At the reunion, many of us talked about the cost of education these days. When I attended high school, high school tuition was 2000$ per year (which seemed extravagant at the time). Getting a quality high school education and college education seems like luxuries these days; how can anyone afford that? I’m glad that such elite institutions exist; on the other hand, I wish these kinds of opportunities were more open to all.






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