What’s the Word? Tinklenberg!

ZE Frank video. (He’s an Internet comedian). Don’t miss the Atheism Videogame at the 12 minute mark. See also his Poptech talk about Airline Safety Cards.

Paul Hipp left-wing musical propaganda. We’re Number 37 (in health care, that is). See also Right is Wrong and Free Money in the USA. Bachmann McCarthy Overdrive is a catchy (and futile) campaign song to promote candidate Tinklenberg over Michelle Bachmann. Seriously, gotta love that name!  His album Blog of War should be great.

Here’s a Tom Tomorrow cartoon about Hell Care. What’s always amazing is how Tom Tomorrow figured everything out a decade before everyone else.  His very silly mayor children’s book should be a hit.

Here’s a snobby and funny video by a Canadian about the US health care system.

Ken Robinson TED talk about how schools kill creativity. Highlights: He imagines how annoying it would be to have a teenage William Shakespeare in your English class.






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  1. MNBlue Avatar

    Michele Bachmann has got to go! Democratic candidate Dr. Maureen Reed is running against her and she is the ticket to beating Bachmann’s craziness! You can learn more about Maureen, and donate, at:

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