Vocabulary Resources for Kids

Ever since I wrote my article about the importance of a good vocabulary, I’ve been looking for ways to help my 8 year old nephew and 10 year old niece learn new words. Here are some things I’ve found.

By far, the most interesting thing I’ve found for children is the interactive vocabulary game from Big IQ for Kids. Kids choose a level, and then the website will talk to him about the word and ask them to follow a series of steps about the word. Each level has 10 words, and after a kid finishes, they win a credit to play a game.  BigIQ has free and paid memberships for their various learning activities, but the free membership is adequate.  Almost as good as the vocabulary game is a list of all the words kids learn in the game. It is divided into these levels: 2nd/3rd level words, 3rd/4th level words, 5th/6th level words, PSAT words and SAT words. In other words, enough for just about any student.






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