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Should I blog about this? (Part 17)

Every so often I come across a risque and/or ribald article which I am afraid to share on my blog. Here is another one.

The Puppetry of the Penis is an Australian comic live show where male comedians do tricks with their genitals.

Becca Costello wrote a profile of this comedy act a few years ago:

Oddly enough, being a penis puppeteer has even improved his relationship with his family. “They didn’t really get into the bum puppets. They heard I did it, but they didn’t ask any questions. But my mom’s seen Puppetry of the Penis. It was a bit scary having her in the audience. I made her stay up at the back, so I couldn’t see her while I was performing. My mom is very proud, which is a strange thing.”

Morley’s mom goes even further. “She was horrified at first,” Morley said, “just tortured by it. But now, it’s a big hit, and it’s popular culture in Australia. She’ll ring me up and say, ‘I want another 10 tickets.’ She swaps them for free haircuts and golf lessons. She trades on it.”

Though their families are supportive, being a penis puppeteer can interfere with one’s love life. When asked if an actor gets propositioned more or less after joining the cast, Lewry admitted, “You get less. Women have seen it, heard it, they’re sick of it. They’ve seen you in the nude. It’s like, ‘I know what he’s got to offer. There’s no mystery there.’ Then, I go home, and I’m like, ‘Jeez! I play with my nuts for a living, and I still can’t get a date!’ ”

Though he feels the show has neither helped nor hurt his sex life, Morley affirmed, “We honestly don’t get propositioned after shows.”

However, the performance does attract another kind of fan–the amateur puppeteer who insists on unwrapping his package in public to show his favorite penis trick to the actors. “We get way too much of that,” Morley groaned. “We don’t want to encourage it. Please don’t come up to me in the bar afterward and show me your genitalia!”

(By the way, wouldn’t this be the ideal subject for a feature writer? The jokes could write themselves).

There are several uncensored video clips on Google Video and Youtube, but I am not going to link to them. Ok, just this one (no nudity, I promise!). The show has their own website which (I think) has no nudity.

According to the Wikipedia article about them, here are some of their trademark tricks:

  • Wind Up
  • Atomic Mushroom
  • Wristwatch
  • Snail
  • Three-Wood
  • Parachute
  • Eiffel-Tower
  • Hamburger
  • Hot dog
  • Pelican
  • Windsurfer
  • G-String
  • Brain
  • Weed-Snipper
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Wedding Ring
  • The woman
  • Mollusk
  • Baby Bird
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