Bequeathing images of myself to posterity

While checking my referrer logs, I see that a CC photo I snapped of a family Thanksgiving is used ironically on a post about murdering family members.  I generally don’t care who uses my photos although probably it would be taking things too far to use images of children inappropriately (see this case). But as long as you don’t identify the people in the photo and the individuals can’t google it, where is the harm? (Well, it’s true you are supposed to get a model’s release as well, but for informal publishing that rarely matters).

There is a whole genre of making fake nudes and fake porn from celebrity photos. Often, the attempt to force someone to remove your image is more trouble than it’s worth (it might even backfire); ignoring it is usually the best strategy.


I can’t speak for others, but as for my image and likeness, I hereby bequeath every image which I uploaded of myself to a public website to belong to the public domain, to be defaced as much as possible.

Have fun guys!

I have an ulterior motive here: to become a permanent member on the Onion’s infographics.

By the way, I always have a wildly entertaining Thanksgiving meal. No murders yet.







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