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Comic Diversions

Two photos I loved.


Lady Gaga with a nutty outfit.  I love her two bodyguards. 


Canadians celebrating the hockey gold medal (and the Canadian health care system).

Other random things: 50 Cents vs. Jozin z Bazin ; Hitler responds to the iPad (oh, this joke never gets old).  (If you haven’t seen the MadTV Ipad parody, don’t delay!).  Speaking of old jokes, here’s the literal version of Eurythmics Sweet Dreams.  See Mad TV Taco Hell comedy skit. See this Old Spice advertisement – totally hilarious! (It occurs to me that the Old Spice ad may very well be in regular rotation on TV – except that I never watch TV!)

Sam Greenspan shares the 11 worst dates of his life and 11 Supersexy Products for your dog.

See, I do have a sense of humor.

Update: My fiendish plan to have Bill White face Rick Perry in the Texas governor’s election seems to have worked.

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