Singers Protest Mountain Top removal at Chase Bank

Musical protesters protest Chase Bank’s financing of Mountain top removal efforts by Massey Energy et al.


I blogged earlier  that “every day, 3 million pounds of explosives are used to blow the tops off ancient mountain ridges in southern West Virginia to access thin seams of coal underneath.” That’s the equivalent of dropping 3 atom bombs per month in West Virginia.

Reverend Billy writes:

JP Morgan Chase finances 80% of the mining at this point, and we are going straight at Chase here in NYC, where it is headquartered. How about bringing the murdered mountain backfill from the streams in Appalachia and trucking it to NYC and wheelbarrowing it into branch banks and making mountains in there.

(More about the health effects of MTR by Joe Romm and here.  Here’s a Colbert clip about the phenomenon).

What I love about this protest is that you can clone the protest simply by putting a bunch of dirt in front of any Chase location. image



Wow, I just now realized that I had seen Rev Billy and his singing protesters before at SXSW (and this video confirms it).  Pretty much every geek phenomenon ends up at SXSW eventually.






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