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Not-dead update (Yet Again!)

As you know my blog has been hibernating for a long while.

I have had a LOT of things going in my life right now which prevent blogging. Also, I regularly post on Facebook and Google Plus (a tough habit I have been trying to break for several years).  I usually post identical things on both sites — although sometimes I make more comments on Facebook.

I also post on the Jack Matthews publishing  site.

That said, I expect to increase my blogging (and generally my writing) for the next few months and years. I have been trying to launch some publishing project, and once I do that, I’ll be devoting a lot of time to it.

Strangely I have been reading a lot, and eventually I will have posts about that. Also, I will probably be contributing to the Teleread.org reboot.

I’m in job search mode, so I typically don’t post anything ridiculously scandalous or controversial during that time. (Actually I don’t do much of that anyway. 50 year olds are such stolid creatures!)

On the other hand, I have always viewed a blog as not an end in itself. It’s more like a notebook of notes and rough drafts which I occasionally turn into something more polished.

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