Month: November 2018

  • Robert’s Roundup of Ebooks #2 (Nov 2018 — Week 5)

    List of Free & Low Cost Ebooks for November Week 5

  • Holiday lethargy (Smashword edition)

    My first installment of Robert’s Roundup Smashwords edition is scheduled for Saturday. Might be a stretch — although I’ll certainly try.  Holiday frivolity is keeping me away from my goal; it might not go live until Sunday.  Stay tuned!  Monday Update: I feel that I’ll do the weekly roundup on Wednesday (tomorrow) and the Smashwords…

  • Robert’s Roundup of Ebooks #1 (Nov 2018 — Week 4)

    List of Free & Low Cost Ebooks for the Week

  • How I compile Robert’s Roundups

    View the post series | View the Smashwords deal roundups || Read how I compile this list. || How to Submit Smashword deals || How to Submit your own Ebook Deals in the Comment Section I  throw  these ebook deal roundups quickly so   often I won’t bother including links — just  names and titles.  Everyone here knows how to…

  • How to Submit Ebook Deals in the comment section

    Guidelines for how to submit an ebook deal in the blog’s comment section

  • Now, for Smashwords authors!

    In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I’ll be posting more regularly on this blog about ebooks. I recently prepared a longish guide for Smashwords authors about how my blog can help you.  I will be posting a once-a-month roundup of free and low cost Smashwords titles, with the first roundup appearing…

  • Ebooks — Changing the Blog’s Focus

    Even though this blog has been fairly dormant for the last two years, starting now I’m going to be doing a lot more reviews about ebooks. Let me explain. I continue to write fiction and produce ebooks for Personville Press. That keeps me busy. In the past decade or so, I’ve said that I just…