Housekeeping Notes

Ok, running a little late on my roundups.   I’ve busy doing other book-related stuff. Some other thoughts.

Smashwords Roundup will definitely be tomorrow (it was practically ready last week).  Before I thought I could do 4 Amazon roundups and 1 SW roundup a month. That’s not realistic. 1  SW roundup and 3 Amazon roundups seems like a better pace.  That gives time to work on other things.  

I’m toying with the idea of starting a week with an empty Amazon roundup and adding to it over the rest of the week. I just pick up so many titles each week! 

I was thinking that I could do one review a month. I think I’m going to try to do one full review and one capsule review a month. Actually I sort of already wrote my one capsule review already.  Oh, here’s an idea. Maybe I should link to my favorite review of the month (not written by me of course!). 

One may ask: how do I keep up with all my purchases/freebies/review copies/etc? The answer: I don’t!  I mean, I really try. I’m gotten diligent about collections on my kindle (If an ebook doesn’t belong in one of my collections, it essentially does not exist!)

Finally, any creative person starts to ask himself: is this project worth my time? I’ve decided that devoting 10 hours a week to doing roundup and litblog stuff is a worthy investment, but I can’t spend too much time or else it would take away time from writing and publishing (and reading!).  For about 10 years I was perfectly happy NOT writing book reviews. And frankly, I am happy enough doing the bloggy thing slowly and  haphazardly. 

Can’t talk any more. Have to  clean house, send off some job applications and drop the books at the library! 







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