ALERT: 99 cent sales on Unsolicited Press titles (Smashwords)

I don’t know when I’ll be doing my next Robert’s Roundup, but I just noticed that all the titles from Unsolicited Press are priced at 99 cents on Smashwords. Note that even though this link might list the full price, if you click to the ebook page, you will see the discounted price of 99 cents.

Unsolicited Press has a lot of fiction and poetry titles. Definitely not mainstream — here’s the blog. There’s a lot of good stuff, but I can tell you some winners in the pack:

  • (I’ll post some more authors tomorrow).

One final thing. In my last roundup, I promised to provide a Smashwords 100% off coupon to obtain the Jack Matthews’ writing guide for free. (By the way, I did the preface and afterward for it!) Here’s the coupon you need to get it for free. Expires May 22, 2019. (Note: The coupon is not automatically applied; you have to manually apply it).

A worker’s Writebook by Jack Matthews. Ebook. (More about the ebook).

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: TA97D
Expires: May 22, 2019






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