Notes on Climate Change

Here are some notes for a presentation I prepared about climate change and Texas in November, 2019.

Link to the Slides (On Google Docs) — Here’s the PDF. — climate change news, comparing policies, etc.

Climate change impacts on Texas.

My Climate Change Worksheet — I prepared this in 2014 (and updated in 2016) , but most of the data is still basically correct — or worse!

Interactive Comparing impacts of 1.5 degrees, 2 degrees, 4 degrees

Article: Do we really have only 12 years to fight climate change? report about Texas risk and preparation; (PDF of full report)

Texas Climate News. A local news site about climate change and Texas.

CNN Climate Change Quiz

Amazing Video Talk (30 Minutes): Environmental Engineer by Mark Jacobson. 2018 Keynote Presentation. View the slides! View the peer-reviewed paper his research appears in!

2 Bills to Solve Climate Change:

Here’s a list of my favorite books of climate change.

Link Shortcut:

Here’s a comparison of the two leading plans. HR 763 is the CCL plan (leaning Dem). Climate Leadership Plan has a lot of support from GOP).







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