Robert’s Roundup #19 (May 2021)

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Abbreviations: KU means Kindle Unlimited, LE means that lending of this Kindle title is allowed, and APUB means it was published under an Amazon imprint.


Welcome to the “Just Phoning It In” edition of Robert’s Roundup. I already moved onto the June edition, and so I’ll clean up this skimpy mess when I have a spare moment.

Indie Author’s Spotlight

none yet

Smashword Sales

none yet

Ebooks published by Amazon imprints

Some of the Amazon imprints produce very inexpensive ebooks of varying quality. Some titles though are superb — and you should check previous roundups for my recommendations — I frankly ignore most of the genre stuff and focus on the international authors and biographies. Follow this link to see which titles are 99 cents for the month.  (check previous columns herehere and here), so maybe my recs will be sparser than usual. All are KU APUB, (but not lendable!).

Under the Radar

Beethoven: A Life in Nine Pieces by Laura Turnbridge. I’m beginning to love arts biographies, and this one presents Beethoven’s life by presenting 9 pieces. The price has been 3-4$ for over a week.

Olive Branches don’t grow on Trees by Grace Mattioli.

Sentience: A Science Fiction Exploration of AI Through An Epic Turing Test (Book 1) by Courtney Hunter.

HOTEL OBSCURE: A Collection of Short Stories by Lisette Brodey.

Blink and It’s Gone Sales

The Theory That Would Not Die: How Bayes’ Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, & Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.

Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. Unusual personal story about an author’s relationship with the Crow species, with some biology and ecology thrown in. As usual, I love this stuff.

Creative Commons /Academic /Public Domain

none yet

Once in a Lifetime Deals

none this time

Review Copies Received

none this time


Between Worlds: A Poetry Collection

Stumbling Toward Happiness: Haibun and Hybrid Poems by Kat Lehmann.

Library Books & Printed Books bought (better world, Amazon, etc)

Dos Passos: A Life by Virginia Spencer Carr

Courtesans and Fishcakes: Consuming Passions of Classical Athens by James Davidson.

By Grand Central Station I sat down and wept. by Elizabeth Smart.

Ebook Reviews


Literary Articles and Essays


Literary Audio/Multimedia


Personville Press Giveaways and Deals

I run Personville Press, a small literary book press where all the ebooks cost less than $4. You can buy DRM-free copies of ebooks from Smashwords (and often at a substantial discount over the ebook’s price on Amazon). Alternatively, you can buy ebooks from GoogleAmazonBNApple and Kobo. During May 2021 Soldier Boys and Abruptions will be regularly discounted to 99 cents. Check them out! In May 2021 you can sign up for the Personville Press mailing lists to stay informed about upcoming sales and publications.






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