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Social Media Dump June 1-15 (2021)

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Egad, it is so annoying only having one monitor! (I’m transitioning computers and am using one for my old computer).

This tongue-in-cheek look at gas stoves reveals some unsettling truths. “Gas stoves emit a lot of the same pollutants that come from our car tailpipes in our home… Burning gas from our stoves is actually contributing 10% to our carbon emissions.” (says Brady Seals from Rocky Mountain Institute). Here’s the PDF of the report. Rocky Mountain Institute may not be a household name, but it was founded by Amory Lovins, who is a leading researcher into renewable energies.

I found some remarkable TV shows on the various streaming services: Undone, Kim’s Convenience (last season). Also watched earlier seasons for ground-breaking NBC series, Superstore.

SEX ROBOTS & COMEDY: Netflix’s Whitney Cummings does a 30 minute comedy routine about why having a sex robot wouldn’t be so bad — then she appears onstage with a sex robot of herself which she paid for. Hilarity ensues…

Last week CBS 60 minutes had a great segment about the health of the 90+ population and a medical study trying to learn from them. Among the insights: “Half of all children born today in the United States and Europe is going to reach their 103rd or 104th birthday.” according to neurologist Claudia Kawas. Another key insight: It’s hard to diagnose Alzheimer’s or dementia on the basis of brain scans. Some brain scans show lots of  beta amyloid (the alleged cause of Alzheimers) but no memory loss — and vice versa.

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