Climate Change Cheatsheet (2021 Edition)

In 2014, I prepared a cheatsheet of climate data. I still refer to it semi often. Since that time a lot has been published, so this post needs a substantial revision. Actually the day after I posted this, Washington Post published an analysis of estimated carbon emissions and estimated that the true amount is 23% higher than what is currently reported.

Climate Change Impacts (According to IPCC 6 2021-2)

5 different IPCC 6 scenarios (From Wikipedia)
From Wikipedia article — see above

Breakdown of Energy Use by Sector and by Country (Mostly Charts)


Missing/Unaccounted For Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2021)

Washington Post Investigation, Nov 2021

Cumulative GHG Emission by Country

Source: Wikipedia

Annual GHG for 2019

(Source Rhodium Group for graph above, cited in BBC, 2021 ).

Washington Post Analysis of GHG emission estimates

Some preliminary data suggests that many countries underreport annual GHG emissions. For example, it doesn’t keep its carbon emitting sources up to date, or that methane is not counted properly or discrepancies in how to count carbon sinks.

Other data sources


Enroads Interactive — a free online tool for modeling various climate scenarios.

Cashback Carbon Pricing Policy Analysis (CCL)

Description of how bill works.






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