Music Discoveries May 2022 #17

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This is the month of song contests — American Song Contest and Eurovision. I’ll try to capture my thoughts. ON the day of Eurovision finals, I’ll do my once-a-year tweeting about Eurovision at this twitter account.

Here’s my twitter storm:

All psyched to watch @Eurovision from Texas, with the fun commentary by ex-Olympian ice skater
@JohnnyGWeir.. My rule for the contest is that the winner never turns out to be who you want or expect. (Last year, I rooted for Germany’s Jendrik and Lithuania’s Roop — oh well!)

As good as this year’s @Eurovision will probably be, Euro2021 was pretty amazing — the best ever. Even Russia was great, and so was … Malta!? Israel!? Iceland?! Belgium!? Even the Yaja Ding Dong Man was there.

I’m so into @Eurovision but I gotta admit, American Song Contest was also outstanding. Jordan Smith, Allen Stone, Tyler Braden, Alexa, Grant K were all the best — any one of them could probably do great in ESC as well.

Gotta admit that I love the interval acts, local talent, dance medleys and nostalgia cameos just as much as the @Eurovision itself. I still remember being gobsmocked by Onuka in 2017’s contest…..

I always knew that Italy would put on a great show this year. Their Sanremo song contest was the place to be in the 1950s and 1960s. (Frankly I didn’t belong to the Maneskin fan club, but they were great tv!)

Czech’s song was cool and danceable, though not weird enough for my tastes. Some competitors aim for mainstream appeal, others try to go for niches. I guess to be popular across Europe you can’t be too niche…

Romania, well, it was fun, but nothing special.

Portugal’s Saudade is a different kind of singing — slower, more relaxed and lowkey. I love these kinds of songs, but unfortunately it’s not often that these songs win….. @Eurovision

It’s often fun when hard rock/heavy metal songs compete — as long as there’s not too many. Finland’s Jezebel is upbeat, energetic definitely not as rowdy as other rock songs @Eurovision

Nice Boys do Cry song by Switzer…. slow, earnest song with a very pleasant peaceful finish….@Eurovision

This year’s France entry is so much more energetic and folkselectronica than last year’s wonderful VOILA. It almost sounds like the kind of thing Ukraine specializes in… @Eurovision

I like Norway’s stylish memish song, kind of like “What does the wolf say?” . It doesn’t really inspire though…

I love Armenia’s blithe spirit, the ultimate bedroom song. Kind of has an Olivia Rodrigo vibe . I just love this song!

Sorry, not getting into Italy’s song. Maybe it’s a language thing, but it didn’t really work as a melody.

Spain’s song is catchy, and the dance steps are great too. (Also great costume change too!) If you’re talking about theatrics, Spain’s song is great.

Netherland’s song is simple, uplifting, joyful. Wish I knew what she was singing about. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her win the whole thing

Ukraine’s song… I wanted to like it, but the rap vs. folk singing just seemed a little forced. Outstanding dancing though…

Germany’s confessional rock was a surprise; it’s very “unproduced” and personal, with a rap climax. Liked it, but I don’t think it willdo well.

I love Lithuania’s nightclub chanteuserie. These things rarely win, but the style and melody tends to stick in your mind long after #Eurovision is over.

Wow, Azerb has an incredible vocal climax ; the song seems a little muted though…..#Eurovision

I love Belgium’s soulful I’m going to miss you —- Noooo! (Also I really loved Hooverphonic from last year’s contest). Wow that song ended very well… High marks! #Eurovision

Greece’s song seems awfully forlorn for a #Eurovision contest. Lovely song, but it just didn’t work…..

Even though 2021 iceland group was incredible, I’m liking this dreamy country song. The song is good, but the singers are barely part of it… Maybe it’s a problem with the musical arrangements or balance…. #Eurovision

Moldova’s song is fun, zany, eclectic. I would love to see this song win the whole thing. I can’t help but snap my fingers….. This is Moldova’s best shot at taking the crown #Eurovision

Sweden’s singer is definitely a star, and the song is great, but I’m not sure this is her ideal place to shine. Kind of has a Duffy vibe (that’s the ultimate compliment in my book). #Eurovision

Astonishing vocal power of Australia’s NOT THE SAME — though it’s a little too emotional for me. #Eurovision

I always love when they recall older songs, like Laura Pausini singing Volare…..

I love UKs spaceman — definitely redeeming last year’s horrifying #Eurovision entry. Definitely a top tier performer for the year….. rock and roll with a crazy powerful voice…..

Poland’s song is just gorgeous and his singing is just amazing — a little operatic, but soaring enough for a pop song. What a beautiful song…..

Serbia’s story-based song is interesting and mysterious and certainly memorable, It’s an original concept, not the thing that goes over well in #Eurovision

Estonia’s country Johnny Cash song is pleasant, plus the singer is charming. It’s an interesting style and song, but I don’t see it going over that well in #Eurovision

Ok, top contenders: Moldova, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, UK (ha,ha!), Romania, Armenia. I would also be happy with Ukraine, France, Belgium, lithuania,, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland,

It warms my heart to see Cinquetti singing onstage at #Eurovision again, seeing a return to its origins. I would love to hear her speak about what it was like to win in 1964….

I reallly want Moldova, Poland and Netherlands to win the damn thing. They are all spectacular. #Eurovision Ultimately though I have no idea who the Europe collective will vote for….

Truth be told, I have no idea who will win or even place….I love the singers but am usually disappointed at the final outcome..

It’s great to have the Italian hosts singing their hearts out. My public library actually has some Laura Pausini CDs, but it was pretty amazing to hear Mika sing #Eurovision

Midway through jury votes, I am shocked that UK is staying on top…. and Greece too.

Wow, Moldova turns out to be a crowd pleaser. Thank god…. #Eurovision

I am happy that Ukraine won (and I’m as pro-Ukraine as you can get), but I thought Moldova, Netherlands, Spain and Poland were equally incredible, probably more so than the country that actually won… Lots of individual performances really shone

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Hooverphonic’s 2 Wicky is the strangest music video I’ve seen in a while. It’s goofy 1990s absurdist Euro-shit by the Belgian group Hooverphonic. She wowwed me in 2021 Eurovision with the song Wrong Place. . And I love it.

I’ve been addicted to watching this amazing light show on a 2019 live performance in Kiev of Chemical Brothers performing their song Private Psychedelic Reel. Who would have ever thought that animating some stained glass window designs would provide such an aesthetically satisfying experience. (By the way, the person who videotaped this song really did an expert job — he must be a professional; I just love how the camera mostly ignores the audience except for one simple 360 degree twirl at the 5 minute mark. Some other concertgoers have tried to capture the light show of Chemical Brothers concerts with somewhat disappointing results. Below this video I have placed a “Best Moments of their Paris Show” (1 hour long), which is also remarkable, but nowhere near as amazing as the Private Psychedelic Reel in Kiev.

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