RJ’s Geeky Explorations 2022 June-July

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Horray! I now have another monthly category of microposts for Geekstuff to fill with content. To make it easier on myself, it will cover 2 months instead of 1.

I have skipped doing this for several months now. I have been overwhelmed. I always find geeky stuff, but I never have time to make note of them — and then I end up forgetting about them.

Jenkins Comic on Unit Tests.

Ended up buying another Bluetooth speaker because my other one only works for 10 minutes! I ended up buying a JBL Flip 6 for $99 (Here’s a review and another and a review video). Several notable features: USB-C port, waterproof, extra tweeter, rubber feet, 8 hours use, equalizer configurable through a mobile app, 20 watts,

Here’s a variety of methods for converting webp format to a png format. (Apparently, you can use a Chrome extension.

I’m really intrigued by open source static site generators (SSG). Here’s HUGO. Sounds good — I guess, but the deployment details sound complicated; you can rsync via conventional webhosting, but most of the instructions are for cloud-based providers and github. Hey, am I being too old-skool by using conventional web hosting? Gotta investigate that. Update: I still want to try it out once, but the templating code looks a bit too hairy and not very human readable. Most of all, I want the resulting output code to be easy to decipher.

Some other reviews of SSGs and also here

What is jamstack (like the “LAMP” stack of previous decades).

Trouble with mice!: I can’t understand it. A few weeks ago I was working away from home and my mouse became unusable. I finally bought a wireless mouse, which is good (I guess) but it doesn’t register the click immediately especially on chrome. Why must everything be so difficult?

Let me gripe about Google Sites. I made a website for a friend 8 years ago and used Google Sites (against my better judgment) to build the website. Google Sites has a wysiwig tool and several templates that are ok, but not particularly great. The main benefit of using it was to make it easier for the site owner (a nontechnical person) to make edits.

8 years later, I am asked to edit the site again. Normally, that’s no problem, right? Except that Google Sites changed its website management software (in a major way) and automatically migrated the old sites to the new system.






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