Robert’s Roundup #41 (June-July 2023)

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Abbreviations: KU means Kindle Unlimited,  and APUB means it was published under an Amazon imprint.NYP means “Name Your Price” (that’s an option on Smashwords and other booksellers). If you’d like to submit an ebook to me for review or mention in this column, see my instructions here.

I’ve been not buying much recently but have been discovering a lot of titles via review services. I’ll be posting about them soon.

How could I be more dense? I wrote a reader’s guide to the Novels of Texas author Clay Reynolds and forgot to link to it in my Roundup last year.

Indie Author Spotlight


Under the Radar

 Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women  by Rosalie Gilbert. (Author website). Here’s a 25 minute interview and a blog. The blog is very entertaining too. I’ve thumbed through the book’s sample and was pleasantly surprised to learn about historical facts and details of private life during that time period. My god, the book’s title will sell the book to most people, but it also happens to be a fascinating book. Also with nice illustrations.

The Hook: A Novel by Jake Seliger. Blog about a high school teacher caught in a sex scandal he didn’t actually do.

T.C. Boyle Stories II: The Collected Stories of T. Coraghessan Boyle, Volume II

The Bow and the Lyre: The Poem, The Poetic Revelation, Poetry and History (Texas Pan American Series) by Octavio Paz, Ruth L. C. Simms

How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We’re Going by Vaclav Smil. Nice analysis of the world’s leading problems (climate change, etc) which is aimed at the general reader.

Confronting Climate Gridlock: How Diplomacy, Technology, and Policy Can Unlock a Clean Energy Future by Daniel Cohan. Cohan is a Rice U professor who frequently writes for the Houston Chronicle.

Asa Nisi Masa by Jaret Co. Sci fi novel about how “smart contact lenses” allow people where you can switch identities just by blinking. Philipino author who dabbles in lots of things.

Last Karankawas by Kimberly Garza. Novel taking place in Galveston during Hurricane Ike. Written by an author who teaches at UT San Antonio.

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Personville Press Deals

I run Personville Press, a small literary book press where all the ebooks cost less than $4. Prices normally appear highest on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and BN, somewhat lower on Google Play Books and lower on the two DRM-free stores which are Smashwords and Payhip. Personville Press is committed to selling DRM-free ebooks and audio files directly from the Personville Press payhip store or from SmashwordsThe prices listed here are the non-discounted price on Amazon. Check the links to see if they are discounted at the moment (it happens often).






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