Music Discoveries Sept-Oct 2023 #27

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I’m actually going to be blogging a lot more about music over the next year. I’ve been discovering a lot of fun stuff. Also, I’m going to be wading through the reviews and recommendations on the Club Fonogram site.

Articles and Interviews


Emusic Purchases

  1. 2 albums by Triangulo de Amor Bizarro. Victoria Mistica and Salve Discordia.
  2. We are only readers by Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions project. Well known music veterans sing covers of songs by blues guy Jeffrey Lee Pierce. My only complaint is that they had several different versions of the same song.
  3. Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them by Bruno Pernadas.
  4. 2 albums by Mundaka: Sonata Tropical del Artico and EP Apatrida.
  5. 2 albums by Indonesian Dhira Bongs. My Precious and a Tiny Bit of Gold. Indonesian easygoing adolescent vaporwave music.
  6. Blue Summer Moon by Dayaway. EP 99 cents. Also this ep: s/t Dayaway. Also O by Clavvs. Clavvs have been around for a while (bio), and Dayaway is the latest incarnation. Amber Renee’s voice is very peculiar. You either love her or hate her (I love her), but pairing with Graham Marsh ensures a fast pop beat as well as a spacious sound. Compare to Low,
  7. The Trio, Live by Mark Schofield. British electric guitarist whose style is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn, albeit a little lighter and faster.

Bandcamp Purchases

  1. Begin

Youtubey Things


Freegal and Library CDs


Reviews (Rateyourmusic/Personal Reviews, etc)

See also my rateyourmusic profile and my review Google Docs.

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