Music Discoveries Sept-Oct 2023 #27

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I’m actually going to be blogging a lot more about music over the next year. I’ve been discovering a lot of fun stuff. Also, I’m going to be wading through the reviews and recommendations on the Club Fonogram site.

Articles and Interviews


Emusic Purchases

  1. 2 albums by Triangulo de Amor Bizarro. Victoria Mistica and Salve Discordia.
  2. We are only readers by Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions project. Well known music veterans sing covers of songs by blues guy Jeffrey Lee Pierce. My only complaint is that they had several different versions of the same song.
  3. Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them by Bruno Pernadas.
  4. 2 albums by Mundaka: Sonata Tropical del Artico and EP Apatrida.
  5. 2 albums by Indonesian Dhira Bongs. My Precious and a Tiny Bit of Gold. Indonesian easygoing adolescent vaporwave music. Her songs really grow on me though.
  6. Blue Summer Moon by Dayaway. EP 99 cents. Also this ep: s/t Dayaway. Also O by Clavvs. Clavvs have been around for a while (bio), and Dayaway is the latest incarnation. Amber Renee’s voice is very peculiar. You either love her or hate her (I love her), but pairing with Graham Marsh ensures a fast pop beat as well as a spacious sound. Compare to Low,
  7. The Trio, Live by Mark Schofield. British electric guitarist whose style is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn, albeit a little lighter and faster. Oops, this album was unavailable!
  8. Various classical pieces by Polish Composer Stefan Wesołowski: Rite of the End (99 cents). Here’s the guy’s wiki page.
  9. Black Jazz Radio Compilation. 7.49. Groovy and happening retro-sounding jazz. I really am enjoying this album!
  10. Andere by Ali Diese Gewalt. Soaring rock music from Germany.
  11. Barosso by Fodie Sacko. 3.49, 34 minutes. Mali music.
  12. Sans commentaire by Vieux Kante. 32 minutes, 2.99, Mali music.
  13. Planting Trees by Kandiafa. 44 minutes, 5.49
  14. Fake by Die Nerven. German post-rock.
  15. English folk albums by Kate Rusby: Hourglass
  16. Culidh by Julie Fowlis. Scottish Gaelic folk singer
  17. Gyral by Scorn. Industrial Metal/Trip Hop band from UK
  18. Sandy by Aja Volkman.
  19. Mantaray by Siouxsie. Wonderful solo rock album by Siuoxsie of the Banshees fame. It’s a slower, dreamier version of punk with less emphasis on the singing, more on the otherworldly dissonance (It almost reminds me of late Johnny Cash!) This album is polarizing for her punk fans, but I just loved the oversaturated melodies and the lavish production.
  20. The Brutal by Spare Snare. Re-recordings of songs by the long-lived low-fi Scottish rock group. Flawlessly produced by Steve Albini. Great sounding, clear intimate sound with modest electric effects (and a few brassy surprises!) The songs are not particularly memorable (except maybe wi-fi), but they have complex structure and arrangements; it’s all about the bass rumblings and crescendoes.
  21. I Held the Shape While I could by Bodywash. Nice ambient dreampop album by Montreal-based group. Some of the tracks just shimmer (In as Far) , while others (Ascent) zip along merrily.
  22. unum by Genn.
  23. Archipelago Vol 2 by Chrissy Barnacle. Wonderful Scottish acoustic-punker who is part of the duet Joyce Delaney. (check on Bandcamp for her NYP albums).
  24. Albums by Twin River: When We Think About Time.

Youtubey Things

A few years ago I bought some digital albums by Koes Plus, the “Indonesian Beatles” (only later did I learn that several of them were available on ). Here’s one of my fave songs by Koes Plus. Here’s my favorite Koes Plus song – it’s psychedelic pop and always takes my breath away: Tangis Perri, which translates as “Cry of Loneliness”. Here’s the Google Translation of the lyrics:

slowly the wind comes

layered with black fog

struck by twilight bundles

dazzling shine

I heard it faintly from afar

cry of loneliness

like a groan

in the contemplation of the wind of torment

Dusk began to tremble

Flashing light

Darkness overcomes light

Thrilling taste

painful cries were heard again

closer and higher

untie the rope

shackles in the heart

Dusk began to tremble

Flashing light

Darkness overcomes light

Thrilling taste.


Here’s an 80s playlist by Jim Watts, a high school friend and musician/music producer who won several Grammys.

Freegal and Library CDs

God, so much.

  1. Tijuana Vol 3 by Nortec Collective
  2. Various songs by the Mexican group Kinky.
  3. Romanian Music compilation. Basically more by Tanese and Radu
  4. Gloria Coates
  5. Various Albums by Low: Secret Name, Things we Lost in the Fire, Trust
  6. HOt Casandra
  7. Lady Wray
  8. Raimons Paul

Reviews (Rateyourmusic/Personal Reviews, etc)

See also my rateyourmusic profile and my review Google Docs.

Podcasty Things







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