Social Media Dump Sept-Oct 2023

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Wow, skipped a few months. A lot to catch up.

This must-see latest TED Talk by Al Gore talks less about technology and more about how the fossil fuel companies have impeded the transition to clean energy. At the end there’s good — no great! — news about the ability of the earth to stop increasing temperature in as little in 3-5 years once we have gotten to Net Zero.

What if we could stop the increase in temperatures? Well, if you look at the temperature increases, if we get to true net-zero, astonishingly, global temperatures will stop going up with a lag time of as little as three to five years. They used to think that positive feedback loops would keep that process going. No, it will not. The temperatures will stop going up. The ice will continue melting and some other things will continue, but we can stop the increase of temperatures. Even better, if we stay at true net zero, in as little as 30 years, half of all the human-caused CO2 will come out of the atmosphere into the upper ocean and the trees and vegetation.

Al Gore

Thomas Friedman on why supporting Ukraine is essential:

Ukraine is a game-changing country for the West, for better or for worse depending on the war’s outcome. Its integration into the European Union and NATO someday would constitute a power shift that could rival the fall of the Berlin Wall and German unification. Ukraine is a country with impressive human capital, agricultural resources and natural resources — “hands, brains and grains,” as Western investors in Kyiv like to say. Its full-fledged integration into Europe’s democratic security and economic architecture would be felt in Moscow and Beijing.

Nice comedy sketch to keep you going until the Frasier reboot comes. (Apparently both shows were on neighboring sets )

Jason Alexander kills onstage with TV theme songs. Martin Short does something similar a decade later .

Wow, I suddenly find myself blessed with an abundance of time. Time to get back into blogging! on whether Iran is spending the $6 billion they got for exchanging US hostages on Hamas terrorism.

Maybe we live in a post-fact world, but I’ve always been bothered by US hypocrisy on Iran oil sales (starting from the time that US kept billions in oil revenues during the hostage crisis). If they wanted leverage over Iran, they could have just suspended Iran oil sales (directly or indirectly).

Article about the relationship between fiber and weight loss.






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