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  • Computer-Aided Fun

    Make an anagram out of your name. For my own name I get “globe ranter” and “rare net blog” Random Name Generator for storytellers. By setting the obscurity level at maximum, here are the female names I generated: 1. Pamella Marquina 2. Laticia Gockerell 3. Jeni Havier 4. Credo 5. Enola Marallo

  • Cell Phone Games

    Midlet Reviews Cell Phone Games and is updated often.

  • Terrifying Games

    Matthew Mirapaul on using games to examine social and political questions. Marc Prensky has started a site, socialimpactgames, which links to various games with social and political messages as well as “consciousness raising goals”. This is a good idea, if only because it’s not easy to find out about these kinds of games. On another…

  • Pacman

    Online Pacman. Thank heavens!

  • Gaming Statistics

    Looks like Gamegirladvance is turning to be a cool source of game info. Links to Sir Bruce Sterling Woodcock’s MMOG subscription statistics. Have decided to attend Austin Game Conference. Gosh, look, I don’t have a category for Gaming.