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  • Emusic Labels

    List of emusic labels. Prepared by Robert Nagle

  • Musical Discoveries Feb 2021 #2

    TX litblogger Robert Nagle shares his fave musical discoveries from Feb 2021

  • Musical Discoveries January 2021 #1

    TX litblogger Robert Nagle shares his favorite musical discoveries from Jan 2021. #1

  • Take my online survey about music listening habits!

    I am writing an article (and eventually a book) on music listening habits. For this article I prepared this survey (which should take about 8-15 minutes to complete). As an aside, I am curious exactly how hard it will be to recruit people to fill out this survey. I plastered the URL on my other…

  • Supergeek’s Guide to Free Downloadable Music Samplers

    I’m in the process of writing an ebook about music collecting. I’ll probably add some book excerpts¬† on my blog.¬† This URL will regularly be updated with new information, so feel free to check later. Two years ago I wrote about great ways to learn about free creative commons music. Since that time, a lot…

  • Emusic: (Personal Music Finds) By Robert Nagle

    Jan 2021 Update. This page has become unwieldy (duh!), so I’m going to write a monthly blogpost of musical finds (on youtube, emusic, bandcamp, etc). So December 2020 will be my last entry here. The rest of them are found in my Musical Discoveries January 2021 #1 post and my other Musical Discoveries posts .…

  • Some Amazing Musical Deals on Amazon

    April 2013 Update: It now seems clear that with a few exceptions,’s prices are higher than average, especially when compared to emusic, a service I highly recommend.¬† So I would recommend first becoming an emusic member (minimum of $6 a month) and then take advantage of their discounted member prices which usually stay the…