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Authors and Publishers:  Here are my submission guidelines for asking me to review a book. (I review only ebooks!) If you want to advertise your ebook on this blog, read this first.

I read & review all kinds of books. Over the last few years I have not reviewed as many titles , but starting in 2010,  I  will be making it a point to write more formal reviews. Actually if you check the Reading/Writing links above (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014-5, 2013, 2012, 20112010, 2009, 2008 , 2007, 2006 , 2005 ) , you will see a chronological listing of all the things I’ve read and watched, and a summary of my faves appears in this  Highly Recommended Fiction Books list. See also Writers who have Changed Me. I try to write 1-3 sentences reviews of everything on the Reading/Writing Lists – sometimes longer. In these short reviews, you may notice that I don’t say very much, but pay attention to my highly recommended or recommended label.

Starting in 2018 I began reading a LOT more books. Eventually I’ll be catching up on reviews, but here’s my roundup of overlooked budget literary fiction on Smashwords for 2018.

Have a ebook title for me to review? If you think I might be interested in reviewing an ebook title, feel free to contact me at idiotprogrammer at . Here are genres/subjects which interest me:  short stories, experimental fiction, satire, creative  commons fiction, music,  Texas  fiction, works in translation (especially Asia and Eastern Europe). I generally review only indie titles and am not particularly interested in well-known literary writers. Also, I rarely review things over 500 pages; also, I don’t care when a book has been published; the main reason I review something is if I feel it is overlooked and underappreciated. In other words, I would be more likely to review a book written in 1989 which has never received a full review than a 2011 book written by Phillip Roth (for example).

Here are some book review and ebook review sites I recommend at the moment:  Complete Review (Translated fiction with links to other reviews) ,  Literary License ( new novels), Books Blog (Guardian group blog), Quarterly Conversation (extended book review essays), Black Sheep Dances (longer reviews of translated fiction), Mumpsimus (eclectic reviews of books and movies with a slight preference for speculative stuff) and Mary Whipple’s Seeing the World Through Books. Whipple writes expansive essays about all kinds of world fiction, and her list of fave novels can’t be beat.  Ebook-specific review sites: Indie Ebook Hall of Fame (roundup of critically-received new ebooks, lots of genre stuff).  I could recommend lots of literary blogs which review books semi-often, but let’s stick to book reviews. For the listings here, the (L) means that it’s a long in-depth review. If the review is in bold, then it means I highly recommend it.


Nonfiction/Hard to Classify

Brief Reviews (These pages usually contain 6 or 7 brief pages). #1  Dec 2011, #2 June 2012 , #3 March 2013,

End of Year Book  Roundups (often light remarks about fave books of the year): Best of 2017,

(See also: Highly Recommended Fiction Books list).


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