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What I’m Watching/Reading 2019

As of October 2011, I created an index of books I reviewed here. I will continue to list books I am currently reading here, but I will not attempt to write capsule reviews or even to link to them. For that you should check the index of books I reviewed. Movie Reviews will continue to be listed and annotated as before. See also my 2018 reading list,  2017 reading list,  2016 Reading/Watching List, my 2014 Reading/Watching List, my 2013 Reading/Watching List2012 Reading/Watching List, 2011 Reading/Watching List,  2010 Reading/Watching List2009 Reading/Watching List2008 Reading/Watching List , 2007 Reading/Watching List my previous Sept 2004 to Oct 2005 reading list or my Nov 2005 to Nov 2006 Reading List , so definitely check that out as well. See also my Best of 2006 for a scoop about favorites. See also Writers who have Changed Me. A few remarks. I’m reading several books at a time, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t read all of them depending on the content or my interest. Usually however, it’s been a matter of attention span and what other projects I’ve been doing. Also, you might want to check my favorite novels, and my Amazon.com wishlist. Also here’s an annotated photo of my bookshelf Also, I haven’t read most of these books, but I’ve been setting up Amazon lists of classic Texas novels (100 novels and counting). You also might enjoy reading my Amazon list of Unforgettable Forgettable Novels. Also see my Best of 2017 list. I’ve also started adding my book inventory to librarything.com. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of movies I’ve been watching.

Starting in late 2018 I started writing a weekly Robert’s Roundup column of ebook deals. This actually gives you a better idea of what I’ve been reading.


  1. Terrarium by Valerie Trueblood. Incredible compilation of short stories.
  2. Squeezed by Alissa Quart.
  3. Strangers to Superfans by David Gaughran
  4. Tiny Shoes Dancing by Audrey Kalma.
  5. Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe by Steven Novella
  6. Success with the gentle art of verbal self-defense . Suzette Haden Elgin
  7. Stories by Frank O’Connor
  8. What Confucius Really said. By Chris Wen-chao Li. Irreverent translation of Analects using US idiom and pop culture references.
  9. 55, Underemployed and Faking Normal by Elizabeth White.
  10. Power of Delight: Lifetime in Literature, Essays 1962-2002 by John Bayley.
  11. Philosophical Detective by Bruce Hartman
  12. Hell and Back: Reflections on Writers and Writers (compilation of essays) by Tim Parks
  13. Process: Writing Lives of Great Authors by Sarah Stodola
  14. Teaching College by Norman Eng
  15. How Not to be wrong by Jordan Ellenberg
  16. Mania by Ronald Collins and David Skover
  17. Novel: Survival Skill by Tim Parks. (Gosh, I need to start reading some fiction!)
  18. Nothing Gold can Stay by Ron Rash
  19. Clem Anderson by R.V. Cassill
  20. Ends of the World by Peter Brannen
  21. Falter by Bill McKibben
  22. Pictures of the Journey Back by Jack Matthews. Light-hearted early novel (More).


  1. Shape of Water. Mediocre adult version of ET with some interspecies smooching going on. The quirky nostalgia makes it somewhat watchable.
  2. Red Dwarf Season 6. (Rewatched). As brilliant as remembered, though Season 7 flags a bit.
  3. Will and Grace Season 1.
  4. Laurel and Hardy collection.
  5. Talledega Nights (for third time)
  6. Game Night
  7. Jeffersons TV show Seasons 1 and 2
  8. Irish Rebellion. PBS Documentary.
  9. Happy-go-lucky. Mike Leigh starring Sally Hawkins of Shape of Water fame (She’s funny and very expressive).
  10. Will and Grace Season 2.
  11. Quakser has a cousin in the Bronx
  12. Monty Python season 1