Social Media Roundups

Over the last two years I have posted a lot more often on social media than on this blog.  At the same time, I have been disappointed at how cumbersome it is to search old social media posts. For this reason I have decided to compile a monthly roundup of social media posts for my blog. Because I am cutting and pasting a lot of things from one system into another, sometimes the formatting may not look right. I often have to fix links and separate quotes.  I generally think that social media sites pull site visitors away from your site like an infernal tractor beam.  Incidentally, you might notice that the content for each month have been reversed chronologically; that is only because I am too lazy to re-order things.

Here are my social media accounts: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter.

Much earlier stuff:

See also: my post about getting sucked up by the tractor beams of social media.