Starting a Weblog

This blogger will mention certain developments in my cyber world. It won’t be very personal; Instead I will focus on things related to my internet hobbies, Last night I posted my final paper for instructional technology on “Covert Learning with Computer Games.” I worked hard on that paper, and found a very interesting course about computer games taught at Stanford.

Today I have been learning about content management systems. That is really an interesting field, and this is a case where the free software is almost better than the commercial software. has the best listings of cms’s . They even have a great mailing list .

For those of you with an absurd sense of humor, here’s a gallery by a serious artist called “Internet p()rnography with the figures removed. ” Don’t worry. The photographer airbrushed the people out of the photos. Who would have ever thought that photographs of such ugly furniture should spark so many erotic musings? Here is my favorite.