On Zeno and Writing

Addendum to the Roxio affair: Roxio refunded my money without problem. I went ahead and bought Nero?s software, which is excellent and very easy to use. The only thing I would like to see is CD burning software that will automatically chunk your files into 650MB chunks for you.

An excellent tool for documenting your directories

Great comments about weblogs.

My reaction: What?s so cool about dialogue and discussion anyway? We?ve gone from one extreme to the other. Kafka and Dostoevsky were able to keep journals without seeking audience reactions, and look where such delusions of grandeur brought them. And what?s wrong with being a blowhard anyway? It?s kind of fun knowing everything.

(On another note, can you just imagine what Kafka?s web diary would look like? )

For those of you eager to comment on this journal, I have provided this bulletin board using phpBB software.

Instructional Design Tool: Qarbon. They have a linux version! And they have a free version! And a free tutorial library!

Almost free: Coursebuilder, a free add on to Dreamweaver

Roger Sperberg?s excellent introduction about how to write an ebook. on Ebookweb

China Paranoia Part 10: Chinese would become the most used language on the Web as early as 2007. More

It?s been a while since I?ve written. I?ve had so much to say. The problem is that I write too much. The key to a good weblog is limiting yourself to small remarks each day (Camworld is pretty good at avoiding this tendency. He almost uses his website as a daily links repository).

Over the two weeks or so, I?ve started to write pieces on digital rights management, then I started something on online training. Then I started something about online learning, then backing up your syste, then online discussions. Then I started (and actually finished!) a vision/scope for NADA Magazine. When I start writing these things, I realize that the topic is far too big for the short treatment I intended. (This website is supposed to be full of insights, remember?). So a lot of times, what I?m writing is not a weblog but an article.

Before I forget, I also have an article about usability and Windows to finish. And an articles about IT layoffs and writing for an international audience. Don?t forget the essay I started about Ukraine, and the articles (already written) which I?d long been meaning to post somewhere. And the notes for (as yet unwritten) book reviews. And don?t get me started on my fiction projects please! But wait, I want to respond to the comment on Slashdot, don?t I? And what about my friend?s idiot email about China? Oh, wait, I?m supposed to be looking for a job, aren?t I? That reminds me of a good idea for an article?






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