Not Wasting My Time

I just realized that a whole month went by without my posting a single blog. Strange. First, I was working on my website, and then I attended South By Southwest. And most recently I have been learning about making backups on Mysql and setting up Zope/Postnuke. Also, I have been spending time writing about my South by Southwest 2002 experiences. And yes, I?ve been looking for a job.

I?ve seriously been looking at the CIW Master Administrator certification. It?s really nifty.

While surfing on the newsgroups, I came across this 16 year old Pakistani computer whiz who had apparently passed all the major certifications. Lazy Americans, take heed!

I came across this great book on Content Delivery Networks. Retail price $55, published last month and available on for $19 . Oh, how I love the Net!

After seeing a cool “VH1 Behind the Music” feature about Woodstock, I found this lovely Woodstock nostalgia website. After reading the anecdotes, I really wish I could have been a flower child.

Planetbollywood is one of the most intelligent film sites about the web. It publishes film and music reviews of Indian film. Indianblockbuster.comsells Indian CD’s and DVD’s with a special “English subtitles” section. For those wanting access to cheap downloads of Indian film and musicals, can’t be beat.

Ever since I heard people raving about it at South by Southwest, I have been addicted to Metafilter. It’s a great discussion board.

While struggling to find the answer to a mysql question, I found someone who did a fantastic redesign of the official MySQL documentation. He also did a good Mysql FAQ .

I?m working on an essay about the South by Southwest 2002 conference. It?s getting rather long. Apart from what I?ve already written in the essay (soon to be linked from this blog), I was struck by how many cool people are doing cool things on the web. The thing I found myself asking the whole time is what can I do or say for the web that is unique? Merely adding another blog to the blogheap is not accomplishing a great deal. I never was a great designer or programmer. Even my own ideas (to do audio broadcasts, community discussion boards, content management systems) is being tried by hundreds, if not thousands of people all around the country. Perhaps I should say that the conference was a discouraging, humbling experience, but actually it made me aware of what activities not to waste precious time on.

Finally a music service I would pay money for. offers commercial-free listening for $4.95 a month. Wow!

Malaysian pop star Siti Nurhaliza is a fun teen idol. Her music is great!






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