Films of Ingmar Bergman

The Films of Ingmar Bergman

From “Cheers” TV show:
FRAZIER (reading his paper to people at the bar): Now I call the piece ‘Ingmar Bergman: Poet of the Subconscious.’ The films of Ingmar Bergman…
NORM: Well, who could forget her in Casablanca, huh?
FRAZIER: No, no, you’re thinking of Ingrid Bergman. I’m talking about Ingmar Bergman.
WOODY: Ingmar Bergman the boxer?
CLIFF: No, Woody, you’re thinking about Ingmar Johansen.
SAM: The guy who knocked out Floyd Patterson?
NORM: No, Sonny Liston knocked out Patterson.
MAN: Then who knocked out Johansen?
NORM: Patterson.
MAN: Before Liston?
NORM: No, Johansen knocked out Liston.
MAN: Then who knocked down Patterson?
WOODY: Was it Ingrid Bergman?
MAN: No, Ingrid Bergman was…
FRAZIER: Shut up, shut up. Not one more word. I came here to discuss Ingmar Bergman, not start a Abbott & Costello routine.
NORM: Actually I thought it was more like “Martin and Lewis.”
SAM: You mean Joe Louis?
CLIFF: No, he’s the one that knocked out Floyd Patterson.
WOODY: Then who knocked out Lou Costello?
FRAZIER: Apparently Ingrid Bergman (walking away in disgust).
WOODY: I guess she was tougher than she looked.






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